Building It Right Since 1980

The Polygon family of companies has built more than 34,000 homes throughout Metro Vancouver. Trusted, caring and forward-thinking. These traits have established Polygon as one of Vancouver’s leading homebuilders. In that time, we’ve built everything from complete masterplanned communities to luxury high-rise towers in dynamic urban centres. Each one of our residences is crafted with decades of experience so that homeowners – at any stage of life, in any municipality across the Lower Mainland – can buy a home with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Foundations

A building requires a firm foundation to stand securely. The Polygon family of companies is founded on four values that form the bedrock of how we do business: we call those principles the Polygon Foundations.

Sincere Care

We know that, to build trust, we must recognize and meet the needs of new home purchasers, and anticipate the requirements of the communities where they live. We do this by building quality homes and providing an exceptional level of service, from construction to the first walk-through and beyond. As one of the only residential homebuilders in British Columbia with its own sales, development, interior design, construction and customer service departments under one roof, we’re truly committed to serving our residents every step of the way. Read more about Polygon customer service.


Trust is a privilege built over many years and many homes. It’s something we’ve accrued by demonstrating quality workmanship, superior customer service, community and industry leadership, and integrity in all of our dealings. A fixture of strength and consistency in the dynamic world of Vancouver real estate, Polygon strives to reinforce our presence as the most trusted homebuilder in the region.

Environmental Responsibility

Polygon has made a commitment to build homes with an enduring connection to the land. Through established guidelines and a well-defined process that puts sustainability as a top priority, Polygon is reducing our environmental footprint – from our head office through to each construction site.


From smartly designed floorplans and interior designs to raising the bar on rainscreen and building envelope technologies, Polygon is committed to finding better ways to do business. Every day, we benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained during our four decades in this industry – and so do our customers.

Join Our Team

As one of British Columbia’s leading homebuilders, our success depends on the great people who are the Polygon team. Our growth in this thriving industry means we need to ensure that we continue to hire and develop outstanding individuals.

If you are a highly motivated and driven person who believes your skills would be a valuable addition to our dedicated team, we would love to hear from you.

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